Teknetics T2 Professional metal detector

How to Assemble the Bounty Hunter Teknetics T2

 I’m here today to talk to you about the Teknetics T2 Professional metal detector. It’s a pretty neat piece of technology, we’re going to show you have to assemble it and use it today. What you see here are all the unboxed components of the unit. We have the search coil with it’s cable, we have the lower arm, the upper arm, and the control unit trigger computer, and arm rest. We have the screw capture that connects the search coil to the arms. They’ve thoughtfully provided a couple of cable ties so we don’t have this flopping around getting caught on things as you’re searching.

And there’s really only one connection after everything is put together. And you’ll notice there’s a small divit on the top of the plug so it’s virtually impossible to assemble this this incorrectly. First step in assembly, I’m going to take what they call the lower stem and I’m going to insert it into the search coil. It’s kind of a tight fit friction will keep this from flopping around. We’re going to capture it in here with this screw and nut. So you just have to fiddle with it slightly where it feeds through, tighten that down thumb pressure.

I wouldn’t torque this down too tightly because these caps are plastic and it’s not really intended to be tightened down permanently because depending on the surfaces you’re going to be searching in, you may want to adjust the angle of this. What i’m going to do now, I’m going to attach the upper stem to the lower stem. Now you’ll notice the spring-loaded button, this is to allow you to adjust the height of the unit during use easily.

You’ll see on one end there’s a silver button,on the other end there’s a plastic nut. We’re going to take these holes, make sure they’re facing the same direction as the silver button. Slip it over, push it in, you’ll see it come out, click into place. For the time being we’re just going to tighten this down and remember, just finger tight you don’t need a wrench for this.

Next I’m going to take the main unit, that houses the arm rest, the display operation trigger. Going to look for that same hole here, going to match up the direction of the top, loosen that just a bit, going to slide this in, press that button. Pop, tighten this finger tight. Just couple more steps. Going to take this cable and I’m going to wrap it fairly loosely around. Not tightly because remember this is made to be adjustable, on this plug you’ll notice a cut in the top. If you look at the jack is a very small raised area in the back that faces this curve.

So what we’re going to do, we’re going to line that up, slip it right in, tightened it down with this nut. To give you an idea the level of detail that Teknetics T2 Professional metal detector puts into these units, they’ve included some velcro wraps to tie the cable down. One for the bottom and one for the top. Okay what’s left, portable electricity. You’re going to need four AA-batteries, manufacturer says that a set of alkalines will give you about 40 hours of use. Manual says that the positive terminal faces forward on all four units. Close the cover, and you’re ready to go. And that’s the assembly of the Teknetics T2. If you’d like to see the operation please check our other video. I’m Mark Harris, thanks for watching.

Hybrid All Purpose Metal Detector Reviews

Hybrid All Purpose Metal Detector Reviews

All purpose hybrid metal detectors and will probably since you’re so close to 2014 want to just talk about what’s the rage now in what you want to consider so we’re going to that will guide to all this year hybrid metal detectors the raw election the changes that you can climb but really for the family whiny creation men’s and venturing you can take the kids out really do some bonding in connecting with on hikes entrails this is a good you know funny here I hope everyone discovers this hobby for themselves really coming in beach combing.

It it’s nice my treasure hunting lifestyle I there on the beach here in florida takes good enough time to experience to know which ivory metal detector maybe the best for you and so that’s why I wanted to go through a brief review with all you and see which actually might be your lifestyle which metal detector would your intentions okay so moving forward top rated hybird metal detectors treasure hunting hobbyist and serious entrepreneurs will agree that a typically like one machine and they will the list read it then X marriage the fall with their own machine and there’s tons brands let’s work this out as you can see here you have here whites metal detectors bounty hunter junior metal detectors for kids menu Abers while me the UN you can talk to me that morale hope their meal at metal detector and of course many you’re familiar with this your reaction when you’re war and the beat goes on to sorrow tight in and so war how do you make a decision about which one would be the best for you well two ways to get good to get recommendations and that’s why I’m putting this video how for everyone.

May be into something I say on and given about a given metal detecting may give you good cause actually go ahead in purchase that your detect a war that way issue that to and hopefully you can do right through this video actually or the link below video and description section shock you yell one my favorite again me where lovers love this mission you can discover the true meaning of the word pager in fact does produce results it offers a variable home graphic more on it will be little doubt about the potential jackpot that’s been maybe rachel’s me so not much more to say this is a quality machine you’ll discover that for yourself should you choose to buy one are one of the most popular hybrid right now Garrett ace 250 is a homer not discrimination in morning adjustable sensitivity in debt settings new I our newest additions on the newes taddition she say for a squirrel series arm the a squirrel be detectors are consistent they will never stop undressing you you always find treasures are you love this machine that’s when I can say because I actually own one so I know and we’ll by your I can tell you get one of these trying out to your cell and see how it performs for you I think you’ll love it very might weigh easy to maneuver with it everything about it make sense fisher f2 metal detector illustration there’s a pin pointer with it if you looking for a good all-purpose hybrid yet to make the grade you can see the features 7.

2 mi killers frequency good record in shooting you know relic on in cash and gold prospecting Almeida auto tune mujhe do you searching and non trashy areas that’s quite active target ID commons bar graph high-resolution manual ground after continues growing on me now you can really be through your cell and you can make the decision it is a good machine the ground mount range goes always he schal having said that yet using the F word had gained are putation based on quality no more needs to be said their now Garrett guys make other area Garrett 350 its become known as the Queen are point hunter in this particular package here as you can see you get all these accessories you get the head junior the the on as you want reliability against think with the gear line they will not let you down okay not much to be sending out why it’s an old standby into workhorse for serious entrepreneurs on this machine performs with all you any number environments highly recommended prison by x-men check it out for yourself again and you will probably come on same conclusion.

  I hack and yes I’ve used all these machines because in fact I’m in organizations with people have a writing machine I get to use all them so I know okay here we go treasure hunt increasing awesome family adventures and mention early on in my introduction kids love the game over this is an affordable machine for them the bounty hunter education junior metal detector with the coin collecting J you can’t go along great Christmas present by the way great Christmas present you happen to come across this video before Christmas here we are in November 2013is when introducing this okay here we go last and not least thing I’d like to say is visit our online magazine by clicking the link in the description section below the DL all make that available for you you know it you’ll be able to just click raid on the Rings and read all reviews on this specific machines in the magazine many of them are missions.

I just talk edit now and I added and number others on a number of other brand names so you can do while exploration find one is best suited for your needs on that’s it pay there you’ll discover more top rated new models have a mention here let us know what metal detectors you found to be the most effective in your search for treasure by calming in the section below I welcome interaction what have you found I love hearing about what people now and thank you for coming to this video today I hope you can join it short to the point if you fall links in the description below you get a lot more resources and you’ll be able to make your decision joining this incredible all shaw mut a hobby for me I’m actually a serial entrepreneur so you get this I would you like to do but when she get hooked on this on your machine you won’t stop treasure hunting thanks for being here Park you on the other side you can certainly contact me by leaving a comment below this video take care everyone.

Detecting A New Field - With Silver And Nice Relics

Detecting A New Field – With Silver And Nice Relics

 Hello hunters, It’s foggy today. First target. A bottle cap. What a start. Let’s scout this field together. Looks like a buckle. A nail and a bullet case. Looks like a coin. Silver! That was fast. “? Kreuzer” (17xx) Something is attached to it.GPS target # 1. A deep (big) target. The switch on my pinpointer was still not working that day.

I decided to skip this one for now. The farmer will drive over this spot any minute. It’s a lovely buckle. Probably from 1450-1600 (according to some PDF data). Correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s a freshly (re-)plowed field. Iron, let’s see what it is. Hmm, guard from a knife? The cavalry arrived. A very nice farmer. I could hunt all his fields until February. Hmm, whatever it is, it looks very old. A ball. I was about to record a macro, but the camera was not working. It’s a fantastic looking seal. It unfortunately got hit by the tractor. I found this only with the help of a Fisher f22 metal detector. I have to watch out for the tractor too, otherwise I will end up like this seal.

It is a small distraction, but that’s OK. A tiny ring. Another one. These fields have been hunted many times (in my oBut with lots of iron, there is always a chance that something has been overlooked. Especially small targets. It’s nothing. There you go, a very small silver coin. Second silver coin. “1 Kreuzer” (1855) I will show you all pictures at the end. I don’t know. The back of a watch? Hmm.

A bag seal. Detecting fields is really not “that bad”. I saw some YT videos, with people hunting fields row by row. This wouldn’t work for me (I prefer following a lead). It was a nail. “Freestyle detecting” with tactics from the woods :). “Trash”. Coke. Hmm. I think, it was tube? Otherwise I would show it. A broken button. It could be the end back of a knife. Another small buckle.

Date: probably 1250-1400 I love this one. Part from another buckle. 18th century? I really don’t know. Interesting. It’s gold plated. Hmm, pictures will follow. Probably a piece of lead. A pin. Ceramic. A piece of metal. Looks like the next buckle. I wish I could tell you the age. Hmm.

Just in case. A deep one. Shaped like a “blade”. From a field machine? I prefer small, shallow targets. I think it’s lead. Probably a seal. With a little bit fantasy, a coin. Another lead object (probably a seal). A old button. Interesting spot with lots of iron. Another very old looking button. I hope, it’s a button.

This for sure is one. A spoon handle. I don’t know. Trash. Third silver. “1 Kreuzer” (1861) The next lead seal. Hmm. 17 My pin pointer is not that sensitive anymore. Fourth silver coin – this one looks nice. “2 Kreuzer” – “1/2 Batzen” (1628)  Looks like a pin. The next buckle.

I don’t want to guess. I’m not sure about this target. Hmm. A hollow “ball”. I don’t think, that’s a ring. This looks more like one.  I’m really surprised about the amount of targets I could find. I try to cover some tiny (iron infested) spots more than once from different angles of metal detecting.

A coil sweep from another direction can bring different results. A buckle (made of iron). Ceramic – this wasn’t it ;).

I think, it was a harmonica read. It looks like a coin weight, but I’m not sure. Sorry, my macro camera refused to work. I will show you pictures at the end. This could be part from a bell. A huge pin, or a button. I believe I have changed the “reactivity” from 3 to 4 (on the Deus setting).

A strange object – looks like iron but it’s not. Ceramic again. A bag seal. At this stage of a hunt, I feel already “fulfilled”. It’s a coin. I have no idea. I forgot to take a picture of this one. Police sirens. Trash. The fog is getting thicker. I can’t tell you what it is. I’m using (tone) DISC of “6”. A larger coin at the end. I surrender. Just an echo. I didn’t know about the camera issue. No LED.

Probably a discharged battery. Oh well, it’s time to go anyway. You can wait for the pictures, if you like. Trash (two “good” targets slipped through). Maybe a coin, maybe not. Old buttons. Lead seals. More seals. A big one. ? A coin (I have no idea yet). Back end of a knife? A buckle.    Hmm.  Silver “Kreuzer” (1855).

Frankfurt (town). Silver “Kreuzer” (1861). Duchy of Nassau. “? Kreuzer” (17×2) (Bavaria?). “2 Kreuzer” – “1/2 Batzen” (1628). A coin weight? Hmm. A buckle (1450-1600). The last one (1250-1400).

The Silver Find That Changed All My Plans

The Silver Find That Changed All My Plans

I took the wrong path and landed somewhere else. I decided to move towards the “right” spot, while swinging the detector. Let’s just check the area sporadically on my way. This BTW looks like an abandoned garden. First signal. A tick! Another one. 6 ticks and I haven’t even started. Two ticks got me after this hunt. Just foil. I’m very excited. It’s a pull tab. Sounds good. It could be a smashed bullet. A silver coin!? It looks awesome. Could be very old.

It’s a “Penning” – Hendrik van Vianden (1250-1267) Netherlands – Utrecht *Thank you for all the s. GPS (POI) #1. I will show you pictures at the end. I will leave this hole open (for now) as a reference point. There is a hole too. I think, it’s a lead seal. My “DISC” setting is set to “3”, that’s why iron sounds “better”. I have to be careful after a find like this. Just a piece of foil. Hmm, there are other holes. Someone probably detected this path.

Let me dive into the bushes for a moment. Let’s see if there is something here. It’s a thimble. tiny piece of foil. I test a second setting. Back to the previous one. Hmm, I don’t know. Could be a piece of silver. I’m not sure, it’s probably nothing. Hmm. there is a pattern. So much care for a bullet. Iron. Sounds good. A more or less modern rivet.

I’m back on the path. Foil. It looks like a lit. A second “opinion”. This was “all metal”. Now “all metal” with notch at “0-2”. Iron. OK, let’s check this one out. It’s a little bit bigger and deeper. The soil is compressed (with many stones between). Hmm. It’s a just aluminum. Probably iron, but metal detector creating better sound. A shovel wouldn’t work here. Looks like an old nail. More iron.

I think, this was a fly that bites. Just a piece of foil. Looks like I stumbled upon the best target, right at the start. It could be a horseshoe. I forgot to mark one signal, that’s why I’m at #4.I have no idea. Bigger iron. A tick. They are simply everywhere. Could it be a meat cleaver? Yes, it’s a button. Almost there. Yes, next time I will bring a shovel with me 😉 Hmm. It looks “old” and is made of bronze. Pictures will follow at the end. Ouch. It’s behind a root. I have no idea, something “not that old”. Anti rabies vaccine. It’s time to go.

Unfortunately. Again, “The Hamster” – simply awesome. I’m sure this had its purpose. A lead seal? Some iron. According to the comments it’s WWII related. A horseshoe? I like this heart. The thimble. This woman had square fingers. Trash. And treasure.

How To Make Silver Testing Solution

How To Make Silver Testing Solution to Detect Fake Silver

In this post we’re going to make a silver testing solution to determine the authenticity of silver metal.This is the same solution sold commercially and online.We’re going to reproduce it here as well as explore the chemistry.

Warning: Nitric acid is corrosive, while dichromates and chromates are carcinogenic. Wear gloves when handling them. Greetings fellow nerds.

First we start 0. 5g of a dichromate or chromate salt. You can use just about any salt including potassium dichromate, ammonium dichromate, or sodium chromates. They’ll all work. To this we add 10 mL of deionized or distilled water. Now give it a shake. To this solution we add 7 mL of concentrated 70% nitric acid. Now cap it up and shake it until all the chemicals dissolve. We want a solution of dichromate ions but we can use chromates because under the highly acidic conditions the chromate ions convert into dichromate ions. And there is our test solution. So let’s give it a try.

This here is an authentic piece of silver. At least I’m pretty sure it is. To test it all we do is apply a drop of the testing solution to the surface. The reaction takes a minute or two so you have to be patient. If this is authentic silver then what happens is the nitric acid in the solution dissolves a small amount of silver to form silver nitrate. This silver nitrate reacts with the dichromate ions to form insoluble red silver dichromate particles. This is a very strong indication we have authentic silver. We can wipe it off and you see the particles come off on the tissue.

Okay let’s do this again but close up so you can see it better. There we go, now we wait. A drawback of this test is that it because it dissolves a small amount of silver it damages the otherwise pristine finish of the silver object. So you should run this test on an inconspicuous place on the object or use a scratching stone and scratch off a small quantity of silver from the edge.

Usually the edge is less noticeable than a face. The test solution can be applied to the scratch marks to get the same result. Okay now you can see the red silver dichromate crystals precipitating from the solution. Let me wipe it. You can see the crystals on the tissue as well as unsightly damage to the silver surface. Okay so that is how it works with silver metal. Let’s try some non silver metals and see how they compare. First let’s try aluminum foil. As you can see the aluminum foil has no visible change. Also You Can try a good metal detector to detect fake silver.

Aluminum metal is what somewhat resistant to nitric acid due to an effect called passivation. Any aluminum that does dissolve forms aluminum nitrate which is clear and doesn’t affect the color of the dichromate very much. Okay let’s try zinc. Interesting, zinc metal is reacting very quickly and vigorously with the nitric acid to form zinc nitrate. This in turn reacts with the dichromate ions to form yellowish green zinc chromate. Zinc chromate was actually used a pigment before it was discovered that it was highly carcinogenic and killing people with lung cancer from the dust. Now let’s try some steel from this solvent container.

In case you’re wondering, the silver testing solution is very stable as long as you don’t let it evaporate and should last indefinitely if stored properly. So feel free to make up a batch and keep it handy for silver testing. As for the iron, you can see we’re getting more of a yellow brown spot. No hint of red like in silver. Let me do this close up so you can see it better. What we’re getting is a mixture of iron and chromium nitrates. We’re also getting nitrates of whatever other metals are in the steel.

Now if you are making or buying silver test solution to test for silver. I recommend trying a whole bunch of metals as well as known pure samples of silver so you can get used to the subtle color differences. At first glance an inexperienced eye might not be able to tell a real silver spot from a steel spot. Additionally use other tests like magnetism and density to get further evidence of a metal’s identity. Okay let me try another precious metal, platinum. Now no moron in the universe will sell you platinum as fake silver, but I’m going to run the test anyway. Platinum metal is very inert as i’ve proven in my chemical resistance of platinum video. And even this solution of nitric acid and dichromate shouldn’t be able to affect it. At least i hope not. I bought this coin for this video and I intend to return it when i’m done. If it comes back damaged i might be on the hook for the value of the coin. Okay it’s been about five minutes and it still looks the same.

Let me wipe it. Looks like absolutely no effect, platinum is totally immune to silver testing solution. Well that’s a big relief. Okay so that was how you make silver testing solution from nitric acid and a dichromate or a chromate salt.

Metal Detecting Tips For Beginners

Metal Detecting Tips For Beginners

I’m going to run you through just a few tweaks and the advanced settings regarding the ORX so join me in the XP Skill School One top tip especially if your searching through stubble is use the arm strap just make sure your arm can go in and out really easily it doesn’t have to be tight and this just stops the inertia when swinging through stubble it really does help give it a try So as I said in the previous video on this particular field COIN DEEP is not very settledit’s a little bit spotty and chatty so we’ve opted to go for COIN FAST So how do I get COIN FAST to be a little bit more spicy how can I run the machine a little bit more edgy The first thing I do now these are only my personal preferences here I go into the menu into disk and drop it down from the factory pre set 7 to 5. You can choose here the best metal detector for gold.

5 And this is making the machine a little bit more edgy you know those 50/50 targets it kind of cleans them up but listen out for that iron buzz Now, secondly, I would drop down to sensitivity factory pre-set 90 I would bump it up a little bit 95 and just see how the machine feels. It’s still settled so I know I can go a little bit more98 I’m getting a little bit of EMI coming in here but don’t worry about that too much because the EMI tends to come in when you stop swinging and when you start swinging again it goes so 98/99 maximum, I would say this machine was very very usable at these settings.

Let’s drop on to a subject that confuses a lot of people there’s been a lot of talk about it but we still get asked the same questions and that subject is ground balance Now on the ORX there’s two ways of ground balancing, there’s pumping using fast grab and there’s manual adjustment using the plus and minus buttons Well that’s all fair and well but if you ground balance when you don’t need to your kind of wasting your time you’re confusing things when they don’t need confusing now along the top there you’ve got a mineralization bar In the UK you’ve got 2 or 3 bars which is indicating that there’s not a great deal of mineralisation there’s not a sufficient enough ground Eco to warrant the bars going any higher. And this is telling you don’t bother about ground balancing because the factory default on this machine is 88 and it’s perfect for most of your in land searching So what happens if your Bars go right to the top indicating you’ve got highly mineralized ground so then you can ground balance and get a little bit more extra performance out your machine.

The numbers correlate to the mineralisation bar high bar trust the numbers low bar don’t trust the numbers it’s a simple as that so let’s run through the ground balance setup and show you the pitfalls if you get it wrong. Here we go were swinging the machine and as you can see we’ve got 3 Bars there on the mineralisation bar The grounds is not very miserliness at all,you can see there that’s my adjusted number 87 and that’s my actual ground reading now if you see dash dash appearing it means your machine is defaulting to the default number which is 87 – 88. How do we get a ground balance well the easiest way is pump the coil and as it reaches the ground hit the pinpoint button like this sow going up and down we should generate a number there we go hit it once and you will see the two numbers are now corresponding you may think that’s all well and good but because this is ground balanced at 77 it means we’ve gone below the shake value which means you’ve made the coil very hot Can you see can you hear it. So if you’re ground balancing on stubble you are going to get false signals every time the coil hits stubble so if your ground balancing try to make sure your terrain has not got a load of rocks obstacles.

Metal Detecting Gear

Metal Detecting Gear Could It Be Used For Survival?

Hey everyone  in this post I’m going to tell you what I keep in my wife’s treasure bag that could help you in a survival situation now a lot of us go out exploring in the woods when we go mental detective have you ever thought about what happens if I get lost well you need to make a shelter you need to have a fire do you be able to keep yourself warm I need to be able to make yourself found and I carry everyday stuff in my treasure bag that could help me in a situation like that this is just a gear you’d have with you if your metal detecting to start off you’d have a metal detector so if you don’t have some of these items detect the area near you. You might find it find something that can help you but first things.

First I have my fist cos digger this here is just a digger you see in every single one of my posts not only can this dig it is very sharp you can use it as a saw and you can use it to pierce and pry a good tool to have in a survival situation next I have my first aid kit you guys probably just saw a video about my first aid kit this is something. I always carry on me and it’s good to have especially in a survival situation because inside there’s a lighter I have a case with waterproof matches in it whenever I go out detecting I keep my fire starter has a little saw blade and you rub on the Ferro rod make it spark woo I always keep a flashlight this is not just for survival this is if I’m at detecting and it gets dark I can always see what I’m doing now this here is my little spray bottle has water to clean my fines but you know what in a pinch this is just water.

If I’m stranded and can’t find anything good to drink hey I have a couple of mouthfuls of this I have my jeweler’s loupe which how’s the flashlight and it’s also a magnifying glass that you can use to start yourself a nice campfire and Ieven have a magnifying glass so you can use for the exact same thing you can also use it to reflect some light for emergency signals for planes going by packet Kleenex because you never know when you’re gonna get a runny nose have to use the bathroom I can use it to start a fire I have a pack of batteries not much in a survival situation unless you need to replace the batteries in your flashlight I have my toothbrush for cleaning and finds if you’re stranded in the woods you still need good hygiene my trusty pocket knife that I always carry with me set of pliers as different knives saw blades can’t open their stuff like that a lot of different stuff you can use an emergency situation and then lastly in the bag I have in a baggie a bunch of business cards why because if I’m out and about and meet somebody new and they haven’t heard of my blog.

I can send them this way but these also make good fire starters last and certainly not least my groundhog razor sharp I can use as a saw I can dig now tell you this would make a fantastic axe for splitting firewood and one more thing I have with me but I always keep on my bag a little compass and a long set of para cord see how there’s two a ripped if I needed to this will undo and be about four feet long a para cord that I can use to tie branches together to make a nice shelter I don’t want to have to do that is a little brew and a great compass but it’s there if I need it as you can see this isn’t a lot of stuff but I’ll tell you if I was ever in a situation where I know I needed the camp out for the night I know I’m gonna do okay another thing. I normally have with me but it’s not on this kit because I just remember it gets in the dishwasher is a metal can’t team that I keep watering because in a pinch have to get water from collecting it from a river or stuff in a fill of snow as long as you take a cap off you can set it beside the fire and it’ll bring your water to a boil so you can cool it down and have something nice and clean the drink.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you just in case you ever come across a situation where you need to fend for yourself and survive because you may have gotten lost fallout metal detecting hopefully it never comes down to that but if it does at least now you know you stand a chance.

First Aid Kit Safety for Metal Detecting Survival

First Aid Kit Safety for Metal Detecting Survival

Hey everyone in this post  I’ll tell you that in a bit but a lot of you have asked me questions about the first aid kit I keep on me. So this is my wife’s charger bag you guys have seen this in a lot of my videos and inside. I have a little container you don’t have to use something like this you can use a pencil case you can use a baggie you can just throw everything right in but its simple enough what I have in here a lighter I have some alcohol wipes a little bit of gauze some tape band-aids and some big gauze patches on the bottom now, by all means, this isn’t gonna help anyone if something major happens that’s where you need the phone 911 but for digging in the ground and you happen to come across a nail that pokes you or a piece of Pop kin or a piece of broken glass.

I have what I need with me to make sure I can keep it clean and stop it from being infected and it’s just something simple like this that I can keep in my wife’s back hey everyone thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the show if you want to read more posts like it click the links down in the description I know you’ll want it and also if you died today and don’t know if you’d go to heaven there’s a link right down in the description go down to the very bottom you’ll want to click it and you can find it for sure until next time guys Happy Hanukkah and god bless.

How To Build An A-Frame Shelter

How To Build An A-Frame Shelter For Metal Detecting Survival

Hey guys, have you ever had that feeling while you’re out hunt in the woods you just might be lost well it’s happened to people before and it’s going to happen again but if you read this series of blogs you’re gonna be prepared on how to survive if you get lost well metal detecting.

Hey guys right now I’m gonna show you how to find the perfect location to set up camp and then I’m gonna teach you how to build a shelter so if you’re lost in the forest you need to find yourself a good location you want something that doesn’t have a lot of overhang because during a windy night a lot can fall on you just like this section over here do you think hey this trees already fallen down this is perfect Selene branches across to make a shelter but you know what one wind storm oh look at that that comes down on you you’re dead so you want to find a nice clearing like this that doesn’t have much above you a nice open space we have some sticks. If you are searching for the best metal detector for treasure hunting then you can visit here- https://metaldevice.com/best-metal-detectors-for-gold-reviews/

Here we have to move this is gonna be our location and this is the kind of stuff you want to look for a nice open space where there’s no running water because you do not want it to flood and get you covered in soaking wet. Do you want to make sure that there’s no animal tracks or droppings you don’t want this to be an area where they want to come and eat so this is gonna be our camp area. Here and now let’s get started building now once you’ve found the perfect location grab yourself a big stick preferably one that has a B and this will be the main rod for your a-frame what you want to do just put it at the base of another tree trunk and then wedge it in this box to store.

So we’re gonna find a different location just around here we’ll find two trees that this will fit in together so I’m using the same tree trunk I just found a tree on the head of a wedge. Right into now that would probably take my weight and will make a very good shelter you can shake it. None of the trees wiggle or fall down so that’s a good start for when you start building your shelter and you need to break a stick what you do is you find a tree with a nice V in it Christopher show them how it’s done well everyone there you go nice little shelter that will help somebody survive a night out in the wilderness now stay tuned for an upcoming post because we’re gonna tell you how to reinforce it if you have to survive more than one night. How to insulate it and how to get it till it’s warmer spot anyways if you enjoy reading these posts please stay tuned for more because coming up next we have how to start your fire.

Take care a one happy hunting and god bless hey everyone thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the show if you want to see more videos like it click the links down in the description I know you’ll want it and also if you died today and don’t know if you’d go to heaven there’s a link right down in the description go down to the very bottom you’ll want to click it and you can find it for sure until next time guys happy hunting and god bless.

How To Start A Camp Fire

How To Start A Camp Fire For Metal Detecting Survival

Welcome to first post for metal detecting survival, we’re gonna tell you how to stay warm at night with a nice cozy camp fire stay tuned guys I’m gonna take you on a little adventure and show you the things around the forest. You can find what to use so when you’re walking around the woods find trees like that this is perfect this stuff here will burn nicely you can grab some of it put it in your pocket as you’re looking for nice wood and this will help you get your fire started dead trees gotta love them have some nice dry wood even after a rain you can snap off all these little sticks thanks good kindling keep the fire going and then you can bring one of these bad boys back you make good logs the first thing you’re gonna want to do clear its pot you’re gonna put your fire.

I’m just using my Fiskars digger and I can move most of the debris way to get down to the frozen ground next what you’re gonna want to do play some very very small twigs down just enough to cover the base and you can use the bark you got from earlier mix that around dry leaves if you were able to find any or in your metal detecting kit you can use some pieces of Kleenex and toss them up in there too or if you characters here like me and carry business cards you can use something and stick them right in the fire too anything to help you get it set up someone can burn.

Now if you have a lighter on you you can use that you can use matches or you can use a fire starter like the one I have here well I’m going to try it with the fire started okay look at that once it starts trying to help catch another stop on an uncertain lane on a small layer of thicker sticks his axe what’s going to end up burning in the long run here we go after a couple minutes Chris just got back with some birch bark if you have birch in your area this stuff burnt very very easily this is great for starting fires and Chris went you got a big pile of it you want to stock up and put it some where you can keep drawing because that is what’s gonna keep your fire going okay now you want to block in the fire so it can radiate the heat you need.

What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna box in a cost here and then back across this way to help direct the fire this way towards the shelter right now Christopher is whittling off points on sticks and putting all the shavings into the fire that we’re going to start and there you have it a nice little firewall easy to make just a couple spikes on each side to hold the logs up and that will redirect the heat right back at your shelter well guys that I show you get a fire situated keep it going build a wall so it can reflect it and put the heat towards you instead of just blowing around in the wind hope you guys enjoyed this if you want to see more stay tuned because we have more metal detecting Survival posts on the way thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the show if you want to read more posts, share it click the links down I know you’ll want it and also if you died today and don’t know if you’d go to heaven there’s a link right down in the description go down to the very bottom you’ll want to click it and you can find it for sure until next time guys happy hunting and god bless.