Yeah I Bought a New Machine

Do you need a mind detector. No, you need the right mind to detect metals. Testing my machines out. I’m excited to do it Stay tuned because after the test because I I got some great news for you some updates and some Some things I wanted I’ve been wanting to do with my content for some time But yeah, I’m so excited I have an air test for you and The Taylor tape we’re going to start off with a tale of the tape, which is how the the Garrett how Garrett and bounty hunter look on paper, so stand by mainly big out This is my new Garrett ace 150 metal detector. I’m so excited.

I’m fine. I’m glad I bought it I haven’t used it yet, but we’ll see how this works The coil goes up to 8 to 12 inches I’ve read multiple different things saying that um the depth of how far it goes into the dirt. We’ll just have to find out this is the control housing and LCD screen It has a lower scale Up or scale Target legend IV legend and sensitivity indicator It also has a target ID court cursor and mode Tone ID which produces audible tones based on a target conductivity it has three different types of tones high conductivity targets such as US coins Produce a bell tone medium conductivity standard pitch sound which easily is Julie jewelry Nichols and International coins and then the third one is a low conductivity Sound which is a low pitch and that’s iron or iron nails And now we move the Bounty Hunter This is the Bounty Hunter tracker for This is I love this machine.

I’ve had it for over two years no issues with it. It’s always worked. I Love this machine the standard coil on there which is 7/8 inches, I forgot exactly exactly how the size of it but It has it has worked. It has gone a Detective stuff that is more than twelve inches into the ground Amazing little detector. It is a basic model This is your control housing as you can see it has a sensitivity knob which is also not that easy to turn on And this is your discrimination This is a obviously it’s a toggle switch but It it controls what mode you’re in if you go all the way to the left it is in full discrimination and You that’s what you picked your trash with middle is all metal and that self-explanatory, right? is tone and It allows you to detect by tone.

It has I call it the speedometer on So for the garret For the air test in general. These are the items that I used plus my ring, but So for like a relic or relics I use these this is iron and this is a combination of alloy metal Trash I this is just trash them some cans law yes, and a dime nickel and quarter So I I did a whole bunch of tests and I tried I’m making this as I’m simplifying everything so the sheet is 11 inches long. This is the 6 inch mark everything as if it’s on That if your sensitivity is all the way up It’ll go past 11 inches easily on all of this in any mode Which is awesome is which is what I really need at the Kennedy stake because it’s deep like everything’s old and deep there But pending on your sensitive Sensitivity if you like, I put it up to the second level.

I put it up to this that much sensitivity right there and everything came in between 2 and 4 inches That’s what this came in at 2 to 4 inches Everything else came in at 6 inches or less? Which is awesome. I mean that is good to go. Everything like this machine just produced very well for tear test I’m excited to see how it compares to the Bounty Hunter So the Bounty Hunter tracker for it pretty much produced the same Except for when it comes to jewelry Or jewelry items you have to be at least like four inches Like with the sensitivity all the way up What in the perfect conditions you have to go up to four inches so I’m coin same thing with coins. But whatever.

I guess the biggest difference between the tracker 4 and the Garrett is that the garrett is easier to use and by that I mean These dials and all it all depends on the soil the machine and everything There’s so many factors in in making this This machine work to find jewelry To pick through trash and it’s not that hard. It’s just it takes It takes experience to understand Where your machine is going to work the best? It’s a great machine and I’m still going to use it but I’m excited to use the Garrett.

I cannot wait to use the Garrett I’m so excited. I mainly dig out So my great exciting news, my great update is I have the next two weeks off which is awesome two Consecutive weeks with days that are just off. I don’t have to go anywhere. I don’t have to be anywhere I can do whatever I want So I’m definitely going to these states the Kennedy estates and taking Garrett out my new my new detector my new tool I can’t wait But I’m also I plan on going to Gettysburg Without a doubt. I already have a script written up for it.

I like in my head I am I’m already there do a video get a video just like a play-by-play not a play-by-play I’m going to Cover some events one event or two events that no one really covers or goes over when they talk about Gettysburg and Then in a couple events on the field or events that the main regiments were in like the state of Maine because I am I’m from I can’t wait.

I’m so excited. I’ve been to Gettysburg once I’ve been to the battlefield once Do I letting this time It’s me doing my own like little tour So I can do what I can go off and explore I can do whatever I want I don’t have to stay with the tour bus so that’s going to be great. That’s going to be fun I can’t wait. I might do a a video on Carlisle or the the sacking of Carlisle Or and or the burning of Chambersburg. I don’t know I don’t know and go look at the buildings or all there’s no buildings left in Chambersburg That work that we’re burning but obviously they’re burned to the ground.

But anyway I’m so excited Just to be metal detecting everyday if I want to go out I go. Oh, let’s I have this cool little party history Let’s go check that out. I cannot wait. I’ve been stuck in Chambersburg too long. I need to go explore Alright, mainly they go out you all have a good day.

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