The Silver Find That Changed All My Plans

The Silver Find That Changed All My Plans

I took the wrong path and landed somewhere else. I decided to move towards the “right” spot, while swinging the detector. Let’s just check the area sporadically on my way. This BTW looks like an abandoned garden. First signal. A tick! Another one. 6 ticks and I haven’t even started. Two ticks got me after this hunt. Just foil. I’m very excited. It’s a pull tab. Sounds good. It could be a smashed bullet. A silver coin!? It looks awesome. Could be very old.

It’s a “Penning” – Hendrik van Vianden (1250-1267) Netherlands – Utrecht *Thank you for all the s. GPS (POI) #1. I will show you pictures at the end. I will leave this hole open (for now) as a reference point. There is a hole too. I think, it’s a lead seal. My “DISC” setting is set to “3”, that’s why iron sounds “better”. I have to be careful after a find like this. Just a piece of foil. Hmm, there are other holes. Someone probably detected this path.

Let me dive into the bushes for a moment. Let’s see if there is something here. It’s a thimble. tiny piece of foil. I test a second setting. Back to the previous one. Hmm, I don’t know. Could be a piece of silver. I’m not sure, it’s probably nothing. Hmm. there is a pattern. So much care for a bullet. Iron. Sounds good. A more or less modern rivet.

I’m back on the path. Foil. It looks like a lit. A second “opinion”. This was “all metal”. Now “all metal” with notch at “0-2”. Iron. OK, let’s check this one out. It’s a little bit bigger and deeper. The soil is compressed (with many stones between). Hmm. It’s a just aluminum. Probably iron, but metal detector creating better sound. A shovel wouldn’t work here. Looks like an old nail. More iron.

I think, this was a fly that bites. Just a piece of foil. Looks like I stumbled upon the best target, right at the start. It could be a horseshoe. I forgot to mark one signal, that’s why I’m at #4.I have no idea. Bigger iron. A tick. They are simply everywhere. Could it be a meat cleaver? Yes, it’s a button. Almost there. Yes, next time I will bring a shovel with me 😉 Hmm. It looks “old” and is made of bronze. Pictures will follow at the end. Ouch. It’s behind a root. I have no idea, something “not that old”. Anti rabies vaccine. It’s time to go.

Unfortunately. Again, “The Hamster” – simply awesome. I’m sure this had its purpose. A lead seal? Some iron. According to the comments it’s WWII related. A horseshoe? I like this heart. The thimble. This woman had square fingers. Trash. And treasure.

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