Rare Medieval 1000 years Old Silver Coin Found

Are you using in line metal detector. Apologies for the wind I wasn’t going to film today And just nice to look for something And then you will always see that you find something special And a nice thick musket ball And a Hollandia trip And a cartridge case Think World War II And the next find. A nice heavy knot Helmet on it. Maybe from the fire department? Let’s go find out Nice find Yes! And again a silver dime! I cannot make anything of it now, which year But 10 cents is clear Clean up later and hope that one Willem instead of Wilhelmina appears We will see The next find. I think a horse bell Looks nice And a nice guilder. 1976 Unfortunately not from silver, but super nice coin And a two cent from Belgium.

Well I think again a silver dime Over there Yes! Just polish it up, momentarily Certainly a silver dime I think I can read somewhere from the 1920s 1925 or 1928 It is a Wilhelmina But we are going to get it nicely. Another silver dime On to the next! And a penny from Gelriae 1759 And another super nice Willem cent Will just turn it around 1876. Great coin! On to the next! And another musket bullet Finally Another beautiful Willem cent, 1822 Still looks great. Yes! And again a nice. 50 bullet point. You can still see the grooves, he is faded Always nice to find And a complete thimble And another nice lion cents I wasn’t going to film today And just nice to look And then you will always see that you find something special First the start of the day An ordinary penny Piece of zinc war money Half Willem cent, 1863 Another cent Basically all the usual stuff But then.

came that! Yes, exactly! Silver! Ehhhh Much older than what I normally always find I also have no idea what it is I have already placed it on Facebook And there they are talking about a servant from the tenth century I am still shaking! I will continue to search And if it is completely certain which currency it is you will of course see it again with all the information Really the find of the year for me! Super! On to the next.


Oh, are you kidding me, I broke my shovel venting All right, well I’m here metal detecting this secluded beach off the river and without even breaking the metal detector out I’ve already started finding stuff take a look Some kids sunglasses I’ve heard mixed things. You’re allowed to metal detect on the beaches. You’re not allowed to metal detect. There’s nobody here The gates are closed. I walked on the shoreline of the river shoreline riverbank, so Let’s just just play by ear and hope I don’t get arrested Darn but like but like lime. Oh well In a bottle cap for lunch, hey modern quarter and it’s cool. I’ll keep that I Believe I forgot my pin pointer Sookie Not only that was a waste of time for nothing. Hey, there’s a screw ah, damn you hate that No noise, that’s really weird, right? It’s like I don’t know but look what I bought Family a Gerber knife Why wouldn’t the metal detector go off that Concerns me because this is a good find.

Okay that still Was barely lost it’s not that old Hedy that’s pretty really good condition So sharp cool, no, I’m a detective in golf. There’s like a surface fine or something or just this week Maxon here river it is going to be a bottle cap Boo-yeah, we’ve all been there. It’s part of it, right? Oh Are you kidding me? I broke my shovel vanta come you see that You know any luck Socks dude throw this way over there so I can take it out with me Some extremely shallow luckily for me Let’s find out Yeah big piece of metal and they’re too exciting it’s like Oh burn pit Now we’re getting somewhere now It’s actually in my hand finally So what the hell is it? Oh Yeah, it’s a coin. I finally found a coin another one and it’s definitely a quarter really dirty. Uh modern I Found a knife. I found two coins and I broke my shovel. Let’s go take a closer. Look at what I got You.

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