ORX Metal Detector Review

Why are you interested in x ray metal detector. Introducing the ORX from XP. How does it stack up in today’s competitive marketplace? So, why the ORX – Well it’s a mid-range machine Aimed at people who are on a limited budget while still maintained in the Deus DNA Simplicity is the name of the game here You’ve got 4 factory programs – 2 gold programs and 2 coin programs and 2 empty memory slots Where the user can save his favorite programs. The first thing you’ll notice is the new “S Lite” telescopic stem It’s got one-piece construction and it saves 70 grams in weight compared to the older Deus stem The factory programs are accessed via the hashtag button and that’s the top right button on your panel And the first program you’ll see is gold.

The second one is fine gold now just because they’re gold hunting programs It doesn’t mean they’re specifically for gold hunting. They can easily be adapted for search in inland The third program is coin fast. And this is very similar to the Deus fast program It’s a three tone audio with a low tone for iron mid tone and a high tone Really easy to use the fourth program is coin deep that’s very similar today Deus fast But it’s got some internal adjustments to make your machine a little bit more powerful on cleaner land Programs five and six are empty memory slots where you can save your favorite programs Although on the ORX you can’t name them. You just save them as user 1 and user 2 You’ve got a choice of 3 base frequencies with the hf coil plus 7 wide offsets You’ve got a wide range of search frequencies Below that you’ve got your ground mineralization level And it’s a series of blocks depending on how mineralized your ground is on the left You’ll see your adjusted ground balance reading and on the right.

You’ll see the actual ground reading Let’s talk about ground balance and how to ground balance the ORX There’s two types of ground balance methods with the ORX you’ve got manual adjustment where you manually adjust to what the ground balance should be and then you’ve got ground grab and this is done by using the pinpoint button So all you have to do is raise and lower the coil until you get a ground number appearing and then just quickly press a pinpoint button once to ground grab it that’s all you have to do and then you’ll see the two numbers left and right Corresponding now when you’re detecting if you see – – appear on your screen That’s just telling you that there is not a good enough ground echo for the machine to take a reading your ground is simply not Mineralized enough and the machine will default to ground balance of 88 Which is absolutely perfect for 99% of inland use underneath the options menu You’ve got a wide range of adjustments for example language.

You’ve got 15 different languages in this machine Then you can update it and then you’ve also got the GoTerrain app which XP are working on and that’s a phone app Which will work in harmony with the ORX The ORX is compatible with the mi6 Pin pointer you can connect it wirelessly And once it’s connected as we say “paired”, then you’ve got a new menu on the ORX where you can make some further expert adjustments to the mi6 such as pitch – pulse or sensitivity and when you switch the mi6 on The audio signal comes through either the speaker or your headphones another new product with the ORX is that WSA Headphones WS audio they’re called now.

They’re very simple to use They’ve just got a plus and a minus button But they still use the trusted XP wireless technology and another good thing you can slide the module off of the headphones because this is the standard Deus band and you can connect the horseshoe adapter to the back and then plug in a headphone of your choice

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