Metal Detecting Tips For Beginners

Metal Detecting Tips For Beginners

I’m going to run you through just a few tweaks and the advanced settings regarding the ORX so join me in the XP Skill School One top tip especially if your searching through stubble is use the arm strap just make sure your arm can go in and out really easily it doesn’t have to be tight and this just stops the inertia when swinging through stubble it really does help give it a try So as I said in the previous video on this particular field COIN DEEP is not very settledit’s a little bit spotty and chatty so we’ve opted to go for COIN FAST So how do I get COIN FAST to be a little bit more spicy how can I run the machine a little bit more edgy The first thing I do now these are only my personal preferences here I go into the menu into disk and drop it down from the factory pre set 7 to 5. You can choose here the best metal detector for gold.

5 And this is making the machine a little bit more edgy you know those 50/50 targets it kind of cleans them up but listen out for that iron buzz Now, secondly, I would drop down to sensitivity factory pre-set 90 I would bump it up a little bit 95 and just see how the machine feels. It’s still settled so I know I can go a little bit more98 I’m getting a little bit of EMI coming in here but don’t worry about that too much because the EMI tends to come in when you stop swinging and when you start swinging again it goes so 98/99 maximum, I would say this machine was very very usable at these settings.

Let’s drop on to a subject that confuses a lot of people there’s been a lot of talk about it but we still get asked the same questions and that subject is ground balance Now on the ORX there’s two ways of ground balancing, there’s pumping using fast grab and there’s manual adjustment using the plus and minus buttons Well that’s all fair and well but if you ground balance when you don’t need to your kind of wasting your time you’re confusing things when they don’t need confusing now along the top there you’ve got a mineralization bar In the UK you’ve got 2 or 3 bars which is indicating that there’s not a great deal of mineralisation there’s not a sufficient enough ground Eco to warrant the bars going any higher. And this is telling you don’t bother about ground balancing because the factory default on this machine is 88 and it’s perfect for most of your in land searching So what happens if your Bars go right to the top indicating you’ve got highly mineralized ground so then you can ground balance and get a little bit more extra performance out your machine.

The numbers correlate to the mineralisation bar high bar trust the numbers low bar don’t trust the numbers it’s a simple as that so let’s run through the ground balance setup and show you the pitfalls if you get it wrong. Here we go were swinging the machine and as you can see we’ve got 3 Bars there on the mineralisation bar The grounds is not very miserliness at all,you can see there that’s my adjusted number 87 and that’s my actual ground reading now if you see dash dash appearing it means your machine is defaulting to the default number which is 87 – 88. How do we get a ground balance well the easiest way is pump the coil and as it reaches the ground hit the pinpoint button like this sow going up and down we should generate a number there we go hit it once and you will see the two numbers are now corresponding you may think that’s all well and good but because this is ground balanced at 77 it means we’ve gone below the shake value which means you’ve made the coil very hot Can you see can you hear it. So if you’re ground balancing on stubble you are going to get false signals every time the coil hits stubble so if your ground balancing try to make sure your terrain has not got a load of rocks obstacles.

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