Metal Detecting North America

Do you have a detector machine. Let’s try to find something. looks really old And came out of that hole right there Wasn’t very deep at all And It is Yes, I’m like really old as a circle in the middle both sides has a really old script looking’s on the bottom here I Know there’s a line there and I can see a bust There is There’s a whole bunch a Writing on I can’t make it out though. This is really looking really old and I got a lot of homework to do today and get this up for you, but that’s That’s one of the most mysterious point I’ve ever found I’ve never Seen anything like that? Any time we find a coin from the 1800s over here it’s cause for celebration but something like this It really gets one scratch in the head. How did it get here? What a find what a find head on over to tae-ye on errs channel link in the glove box down below consider subscribing for more great canadian west coast detecting and finds Time to head on over to Eastern Canada and check in with 9 to find her if you’re not already a subscriber And 92 finder and you enjoy watching silver coins come out of the ground as much as I do He’s your guy.

Let’s see what he found this week And look at that, I’m pretty sure it’s silver down there in the fall. Oh, yeah George the six v I can see it already George the fifth quarter Let’s see the hair on this burger 19:19, it’s nine to five silver. This sides pretty nice Right next to this route. I was hoping it’s not Under the route, but it was right there right sitting right there probably about three inches down no more. The face cap for sure King George the fifth All right, let’s see the year 19:14 Pull inches down. Looks like a old good luck token Good luck a company The bearer awesome it will hopefully accompany me Sweet find I liked Elkins. It’s held driver lucky piece And It says lucky Teeter I believe Great location great finds great guy head on over to ninety-two finders channel link in the glove box down below. I’d like to consider myself one of the younger Generation in the world of detecting but man do. I wish I had gotten into the sort when I was this guy’s age Let’s head on over to Canadian history hunter and see what he found this week Just made my day it looks like a Vicky’s fishy a Vicky’s fishy guys.

I wonder what the date is going to be 1870 now that is an old one and look how good condition that is and that’s crazy that Is in such good condition for the age And look what we got here a very shallow target and it looks like an old copper. Oh I’m so excited to see what this is What do we have here ah, so there’s a sailboat on the front really cool it says like penny token But on the back it has I don’t know it looks like two shovels I don’t want to rub it a lot because I don’t want to like scratch the coin, but Well, I can’t wait to show you guys this coin in the wrap-up.

Hopefully it’s a real old copper and Yeah, we’ll get back to you with this Stays looking pretty good so far Sighs but it’s a flat button. So there’s the shank Which is really cool It looks like a dog or something Can’t wait to see how old this one is Really nice. Wonder if it says anything on the back here So I cleaned it off a bit more on the back and it says something about best quality Really nice button cool design on the front that Vicky fishie was an amazing shape Wow. Now if you’re not familiar with what offici is also known as a fish scale That’s what we call their Canadian 5 cent silver coins back in the day.

We stopped minting them unfortunately in 1921 of course they were later replaced with what we have today the nickel 1/2 flat button with the dog on it is one of if not the Coolest button I’ve ever seen come out of the ground Wow swing on by Canadian history hunters channel link in the glove box down below Consider subscribing and make sure to let him know you saw him here on the weekly dirt now It’s time to leave Canada and head on down to the great US of A to the state of Florida to check in with punching plugs cf I Just dug something that I don’t have any idea what it is. I’ve never seen anything like that before It’s about the size of a penny, but it has the number 10 on it So I have no earthly idea off to do some research won’t figure it out Anyway pop this out We get to play the game You get to play the game that says one dime I’m almost certain This is going to be a barber everything I found from here has been from 1880 and beyond so Let’s pull this up flip it over.

Yes, sir 1909 is what it looks like beautiful. Love it. We’ll keep going I just pulled this check it out Little ring It ring up very loud. I haven’t cleaned up yet, but right there on the inside I believe I can make out nine to five. So that is a silver ring. I’m very happy with that. We’ll keep going Check this out Guys see that that is beautiful that Is a shield nickel there is no date. I did check it already. The shield is completely there But there is no date underneath it.

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