Metal Detecting Huge Ring

Is security metal detector crucial to you. He’s on some great things quarter hoarder Make sure you check this one out We’ve always got something Leroy put on a monster food. Oh look at the size of that thing Of its fishing them out. They’re just nice job there Roy 19:42 nice flat button there Up in the front of the house. It looks like it says You see some letters there above Arcsin Thank artisan or something see it right above the shank I’m not sure just a play in front, but the first flat button of the day I’ll take it will clean up Okay. Hey, I’m happy to have it. I love it everything so first button. It’s about time Oh, yeah, Wow, who’s wait at the bottom dog? Yep.

Oh my goodness What is really dude it was showing 8 to 10 inches 1952 I can see it in the play Is that where it wasn’t the plugin yeah, yeah. Yeah else you haven’t removed it yet. No, how does it touch human hands? Except the person that dropped it 19:52 that’s a third silver quarter of the day. Yep, all Washington and we were really over this area, too We were really we were really over that area, I mean it was it looks like you’re miss out right now I’m inches deep I’ve been over it.

Oh, yeah It’s a crescent Mandy screaming it was he said here digging something He said oh, I got a 9 d and I’m thinking all weird. It’s got to be a can No way congratulations man, I think I took 11 or 12 Silver’s in today, it’s just The voice got a big copper. I’m in the shades. I hope that I could see it Yeah 1787 That’s a New Jersey state copper docks what I said, what did I say? It’s an upper There’s the shield doesn’t look clear come luck Doug my camera There’s the shield. Can you say it? Yeah, it’s faintly work. You said it’s your coin. I’m not even showing me, right? Yeah, and then we swept it, yeah you can see the horse’s head at the top You can see everything look at that at the detail.

Oh my god boy. That’s incredible That’s better than newbie McNew persons are absolutely especially the reverse. They’re Novus Azari which I think Cesare is It’s Jerry is a I mean, New Jersey in in Latin man. That’s a beauty Paul’s going to be really jealous. I don’t know where Paul is I Like if you found this and then you walked away from that spot. It was about four inches down. Really that’s incredible What else can you ask for in a hunt you’ve got silver coins you’ve got tons of friends and the biggest one to me 1787 New Jersey State copper insane definitely one of my bucket list errs I know Jason’s found one of those before but actually insane Relic for you to be able to find beautiful beautiful sight quarter hoarder.

That was just an incredible incredible hunt Make sure you guys go over and watch the rest of that video There’s lots more that I couldn’t include in this particular clip, but you’re not going to want to miss out on that one Jason quarter horror did a fantastic job congrats to you buddy. Great great job Let’s move on to the next one We’re going to head right over now to Civil War on the earth this channel is incredible this particular video is An actual collaboration with Miss detectorists and the two of them Were on a fantastic site an amazing cornfield and they were able to pull out some awesome awesome finds You’re not going to want to miss this one civil war on earth coming at you right now.

Check it out civil war on earth All right, so I’m out here today with Riley Richard and Chuck and we are at a beautiful field That was just held its colonial home site There should be some Civil War relics tears and colonial relics as well as I hear there’s an arrow heads everywhere. I Can’t even get my camera to focus. There we go. Wow. Congratulations That’s cool, look what he just dog. Oh my goodness that’s like a 1812 Navy.

Yeah Oh my god It was like a 20 it was pretty jumpy and it was like right on the surface I kicked it to see if I could swing evenly And I lost and I was like, aw what it’s really a nail or something and it’s not a niche. We just have to put water on it. Look at that. Oh My god, I’d piss to range dad Ha ha ha, ow a to real history Ha ha cuts over it Scott Oh Oh my gosh, well that was worth your trip down here that’s fucking sick that That was right on the silver that frayed me like that was like right on the surface. It was literally on top I’m out.

The rest of the pieces are in there, right? Oh My god, we have to pour water on it Yeah, let’s go get let’s go wash that up on yo. Can I display around this real quick? Yeah That’s my first that’s my first old silver check this out guys Richard just dug now. Hey Dawg it Richard just stood a nice one-piece Virginia button that Like eighteen twenties It’s got a nice back mark – yeah, it’s clear. I already see it Wow, that’s awesome Well, I tell you what civil war on earth and mr. Tetris you had a fantastic hunt you’re onto a civil war I button you’ve got a possibly a war of 1812 button that incredible Spanish cut silver.

Holy cow What an incredible incredible hunt thank you so much for sharing that civil war on earth miss detectorists Make sure that you check out both of those channels The link is in the description below civil war on earth miss detectors. Great job guys Thank you so much for sharing. All right, let’s get over to clip number three now New Hampshire Beach metal detecting you’re up now. Talk about an insane video here Wait, you guys see this New Hampshire Beach metal type thing came across an absolutely amazing amazing piece of jewelry You’re not going to want to miss this one. This is a find of a lifetime New Hampshire Beach metal type thing coming up right now. Check it out Buffalo nickel right on to up on the ground Coming up a salt at 11:00 Oh, oh my God oh My freaking God you’re going to be oh no, that’s not real.

Oh My god, oh my god. That’s blenheim It’s black Wow Unbelievable Unbelievable And back to the car I had to come back I Just crapped myself.

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