Metal Detecting Gear Could It Be Used For Survival?

Metal Detecting Gear

Hey everyone¬† in this post I’m going to tell you what I keep in my wife’s treasure bag that could help you in a survival situation now a lot of us go out exploring in the woods when we go mental detective have you ever thought about what happens if I get lost well you need to make a shelter you need to have a fire do you be able to keep yourself warm I need to be able to make yourself found and I carry everyday stuff in my treasure bag that could help me in a situation like that this is just a gear you’d have with you if your metal detecting to start off you’d have a metal detector so if you don’t have some of these items detect the area near you. You might find it find something that can help you but first things.

First I have my fist cos digger this here is just a digger you see in every single one of my posts not only can this dig it is very sharp you can use it as a saw and you can use it to pierce and pry a good tool to have in a survival situation next I have my first aid kit you guys probably just saw a video about my first aid kit this is something. I always carry on me and it’s good to have especially in a survival situation because inside there’s a lighter I have a case with waterproof matches in it whenever I go out detecting I keep my fire starter has a little saw blade and you rub on the Ferro rod make it spark woo I always keep a flashlight this is not just for survival this is if I’m at detecting and it gets dark I can always see what I’m doing now this here is my little spray bottle has water to clean my fines but you know what in a pinch this is just water.

If I’m stranded and can’t find anything good to drink hey I have a couple of mouthfuls of this I have my jeweler’s loupe which how’s the flashlight and it’s also a magnifying glass that you can use to start yourself a nice campfire and Ieven have a magnifying glass so you can use for the exact same thing you can also use it to reflect some light for emergency signals for planes going by packet Kleenex because you never know when you’re gonna get a runny nose have to use the bathroom I can use it to start a fire I have a pack of batteries not much in a survival situation unless you need to replace the batteries in your flashlight I have my toothbrush for cleaning and finds if you’re stranded in the woods you still need good hygiene my trusty pocket knife that I always carry with me set of pliers as different knives saw blades can’t open their stuff like that a lot of different stuff you can use an emergency situation and then lastly in the bag I have in a baggie a bunch of business cards why because if I’m out and about and meet somebody new and they haven’t heard of my blog.

I can send them this way but these also make good fire starters last and certainly not least my groundhog razor sharp I can use as a saw I can dig now tell you this would make a fantastic axe for splitting firewood and one more thing I have with me but I always keep on my bag a little compass and a long set of para cord see how there’s two a ripped if I needed to this will undo and be about four feet long a para cord that I can use to tie branches together to make a nice shelter I don’t want to have to do that is a little brew and a great compass but it’s there if I need it as you can see this isn’t a lot of stuff but I’ll tell you if I was ever in a situation where I know I needed the camp out for the night I know I’m gonna do okay another thing. I normally have with me but it’s not on this kit because I just remember it gets in the dishwasher is a metal can’t team that I keep watering because in a pinch have to get water from collecting it from a river or stuff in a fill of snow as long as you take a cap off you can set it beside the fire and it’ll bring your water to a boil so you can cool it down and have something nice and clean the drink.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you just in case you ever come across a situation where you need to fend for yourself and survive because you may have gotten lost fallout metal detecting hopefully it never comes down to that but if it does at least now you know you stand a chance.

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