Metal Detecting From The Present To 1800’s

Do you use industrial metal detectors. I’m in a valley (of some sort). Let’s begin. Iron. This is something tiny. No, the pin pointer would not even pick it up. There is a hole above. Someone probably dug out trash and threw it next to the hole. Indeed – it’s foil. I will go up and see what’s there. It’s a pen. Another hole. Two more. More. I’m going down. It’s between roots. A piece of foil, probably from the path. I must have spotted something. It’s a coin. “1 Reichspfennig”. 1892. GPS (“POI) #1. Another coin. A modern “2 (Euro) Cent”. 2015. A modern “10 (Euro) Cent) coin. 2002. Someone wrote a comment, why I never find modern coins. The metal detecting Gods read it and responded. Iron bolt. US Air Force? I’m still waiting for “Top Gun II”. Something is trying to come out of iron. Another coin. “1 Reichspfennig” (1887).

#2 There is the iron. But now I will have to remove it, in case it’s masking something underneath. Another bolt. There was nothing underneath. What’s this? A gold plated pull tab? 🙂 A pull tab spill. It’s a bottle screw cap. There is a wooden “structure” with a roof. This probably is the reason for the trash. Another screw cap. I forgot to mention, that I have limited time. I have to catch a certain bus. Handle from a water tap? I returned to the slope. A power plug. Let’s connect it. Another screw cap. One more. They are everywhere. Hmm. I don’t have time for this, but why not. I used to hunt parks, which was great fun. My DISC setting is set to “2”, that’s why everything beeps. But some do better than others. “50 (Euro) Cent”. 2002. A screw cap, they sound great too. Another one. And the next one. Screw cap again. It’s a coin.

“2 German Mark” (1984). It’s a coin. “2 Pfennig”. 1965. A pink screw cap for a change. Hmm, that’s a old piece of lead. Maybe a former pistol ball. If I had time, I would try to take out more targets. But I would need a second backpack for all the trash. A screw cap. Screw cap again. And again. Ouch. That’s how it is. One more. I think, I see a coin. “1 German Mark” (1967). I’m off to another slope, after a few more screw caps. A battery. Something deep. A rally car! Car wash. It’s probably not the fastest car. Lots of sponsors. I can’t see the driver. I don’t like this signal. It’s a “1 Pfennig” coin (1986) (with iron core). Right below. What’s this? “1 German Mark” (1996). In mint condition (for this coin). “2 Pfennig” (1948-2001). “20 (Euro) Cent”. 2006.

A straight line from the previous coin. “1 Euro” coin. 2002. The line continues. That’s another Euro coin. 1999. Hmm, I thought, the Euro was introduced 2002. My “beloved” “50 Pfennig” coin. 1950. “20 (Euro) Cent”. 2002. It was time to move on and check out the area I actually came for. I had to look for ticks. Some sort of creme. Hmm. I know as much as before. It’s an old lead bullet. The area looks nice, but I won’t have much time for it anymore. Another (fired) lead bullet. A musket ball? Another lead bullet. It looks like the next lead bullet. There seems to be more. This one is interesting. It has hit a tree. Could also be a musket ball. Another one. It’s a spill. A lead bullet.

It’s a tiny object. Part of a screw cap. Another bullet. Maybe a musket ball. It continues. Foil. Foil again. A “2 Reichspfennig” coin. From 1876. GPS (“POI”) #3. Another old bullet. Just a casing. And a musket ball. Trash, dug out and thrown away. Could be a meteorite. I developed a method to find out if it is one. Hmm, I don’t know the way it was flying. Hard to tell. Another old bullet. A modern (thrown away) projectile. Something is sticking out. What could that be?. It’s a lighter. A woodpecker is working on that tree. We try not to disturb each other. It’s a button. It’s exhausting. “2 Reichspfennig”. From 1906. In good condition. That’s it, I have to go. Please wait for the pictures at the end. The pouch is full. I think, it was a different button. Who are you? “50 Pfennig” (1950). “2 (Euro) Cent”. 2015. “1 Pfennig”. 1986. “2 Pfennig”. Date unknown. “10 (Euro) Cent”. 2002. 2 x “20 (Euro) Cent”. 2002 & 2006. “50 (Euro) Cent”. 2002. 2 x “1 Euro”. 1999 & 2002. 2 x “1 Deutsche Mark” (1994 & 1962). “2 Deutsche Mark”. 1984. “2 Pfennig”. 1963.

The lighter. The Rally car. “Fiat Panda”. The musket ball in a tree. All musket balls and bullets. A button. “1 Reichspfennig” (1892).  “2 Reichspfennig” (1906). “2 Reichspfennig” (1876). Trash. More trash.And treasure.

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