Metal Detecting For Gold

Do you walk walk metal detector. It’s my second time out in2019 and the first time with all the Sellers brothers. I’ve not being held up in quite sick, real flu. Sounds very loud. Let’s get the probe, we’re not far from the gate there so it could be any old rubbish yeah bit of scrap now then this one’s quite loud and it’s blasting out a 76 – 77 Let’s have a quick look. You’ve got a button? oh yes it’s button isn’t it? I’ve just got a trade weight. Trade weights were used for measuring all sorts of things gold, silver. Now I’m not sure that’s my imagination but I can see a large number five in the middle there I don’t think it is though. There’s a crown there somewhere, well at least it will be with an official trade weight, a couple of concentric rings just a little way out from the in outside edge and a ring in the middle. I’ll identify that later on as to what monarch and period that would be from. But I’m guessing one of the Charles or it could be as modern as William maybe.

We’ll see anyway that’s a trade weight I’m happy with that It’s a button, just that’s a button just like Keith found, not sure what that is but it’s not very old it’s pressed metal so therefore it’ll only be no older than Victorian. There’s no telling what it was it could be a button cover maybe yeah Right, we’ve got fourteen hammerds. Bye!hahaha, I’m going to wind Paul up! Apparently we’re heading back to the car for the cake break but it’s going to be at least 45 minutes walk so hope you find something in between here and the cake break. If not he’s told me he’s got a nice Saxon field we can go on guaranteed to find a gold sceat. Yeah 145sceats he’s had off there. Ans that was just his last trip.

Which field? yeah they’ve got much they really have you? We’re having a button off! I think I’ve got more four holed buttons than you. I’ve got six. I don’t have a clue! That’s apiece of machinery surely, but what it’s that, Now if you look at that closely wet hought it was a Roman but it’s far too thick look it’s playing on the back nota thing but on the front it looks like there’s a little German coin, you have the eagle with the wing, that looks like one of the wings is slightly off-center you can see it better through the camera see that? oh yeah! Well of course it could be upside-down, it could be anything could be while on the other side no idea but it’s something.

Somebody WILL know. If you know please tell us. As it happens someone did know thanks to Mark Turner and my good friend Paul Mower who immediately identified this as a gold noble coin weight from Edward III and also reinstated again for Henry VII. I would never have known and it’s the closest I’ve ever come to finding a gold coin and if that’s the closest I’m ever going to come, I tell you what that’s a very special find I’m happy with that. Whilst we’re at it if you want to buy any of my merchandise I’ve got these shirt that’s available still searching and there’s a couple of gold coins in the eyes they’re available in the link below the video hey-up it’s cake break yeah I found much I got the trade weight, I think you’ve seen it already a little bit of green thing which he thought was a Roman, but it’s got like an eagle wing on one side no idea what it is yet.

What did you get? CAKE! Ready? In your cake hole. I’m pretending, cos I don’t like fruit cake. What sort of cake you having today? Leave your comments what sort of cake. What’s going on? I’m out with Keith and just a few hundred acre yeah just got 400 acres because it’s being drilled tomorrow. But yeah we’ve got 14 Hammies,well I’ve only got three, And I’ve got eleven that’s right eleven. NO you haven’t! We have. I’ve got three he’s got he’s got 11 No you haven’t. Show me then. Do you wish us do you wish you were here? Yes I do!. This is me today. What a shame he’s having to work I’ve a healthy lunch to look forward to. LOL a cuppa soup? Isn’t it too cold for you this time of year? It’s 9 degrees it’s ok. yeah it’s not as cold as when we were out but it was a really nasty wind that day.

We’re inTadcaster, yeah there’s a roman fort in the next I field on the ahead of it. You’re in Tadcaster, and you wouldn’t drive to dig a castle in Huddersfield? I don’t like traveling at more than an hour So what’s Sellers got that I haven’t? charisma plus really good land – lol We’re right in middle of a Roman area here there’s a fort just in the next field there’s a manor house just two fields down. Well I wish you were here mate. I was over there too – well hopefully next weekend. Sellers is a good looking lad ain’t he? yeah he’s not bad but not as pretty as you it’s the Yorkshire thing in it? yeah well he’s invited you along I’m your mate yeah I suppose we could reconsider the weekend and if he invites us over the weekend we can get together.

“We can go on that pasture”. Alright oh yeah yeah. okay lover get back to work. Bye you actually think that I’m the man with the hat? You’re mocking me aren’t you? No, no, no, not at all. Oh look there’s Paul. hahahaha nutter! Just saying neither of us have had a coin, then he gets one. Is that George? halfpenny? It’s knackered ain’t it? It’s a worn one. Well it’s a coin you’re ahead of me. My first musket ball now you can see from there that it’s been cast in a two sided die and it was nipped off at the top rather than cut off. ¬†You’re going to diga coin out? okay let’s see it It’s out of the hole.

This is interesting. Vicky penny! You think it’s a Vicky penny, I think it’s probably going to be a button. I think it’s going to be lead.

It’s a piece of scrap of some sort. So much for your Vicky penny. Look at this a really middle of a field and I find about McDonald’s cup with acoffee bean on, so I’ve just Wombled a coffee bean. That sounds nice Yes, it’s got a bit of a squeaky too. It’s out! a bit of copper I think, now I can hear it. Yep, thought so. Just a piece of shizzle Shizzle??!! yeah good signals. You nearly swore didn’t you? yeah you haven’t sworn yet I’ve got nobeeps to put on the video.

That’s going to be a button ain’t it? Yeah, got to be! Yep there’s old shankzie on the back. We’re not having a very good day today. Oh you’ve got a spur. Yep an old spur this is a button or it’s a disaster.

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