How To Start A Camp Fire For Metal Detecting Survival

How To Start A Camp Fire

Welcome to first post for metal detecting survival, we’re gonna tell you how to stay warm at night with a nice cozy camp fire stay tuned guys I’m gonna take you on a little adventure and show you the things around the forest. You can find what to use so when you’re walking around the woods find trees like that this is perfect this stuff here will burn nicely you can grab some of it put it in your pocket as you’re looking for nice wood and this will help you get your fire started dead trees gotta love them have some nice dry wood even after a rain you can snap off all these little sticks thanks good kindling keep the fire going and then you can bring one of these bad boys back you make good logs the first thing you’re gonna want to do clear its pot you’re gonna put your fire.

I’m just using my Fiskars digger and I can move most of the debris way to get down to the frozen ground next what you’re gonna want to do play some very very small twigs down just enough to cover the base and you can use the bark you got from earlier mix that around dry leaves if you were able to find any or in your metal detecting kit you can use some pieces of Kleenex and toss them up in there too or if you characters here like me and carry business cards you can use something and stick them right in the fire too anything to help you get it set up someone can burn.

Now if you have a lighter on you you can use that you can use matches or you can use a fire starter like the one I have here well I’m going to try it with the fire started okay look at that once it starts trying to help catch another stop on an uncertain lane on a small layer of thicker sticks his axe what’s going to end up burning in the long run here we go after a couple minutes Chris just got back with some birch bark if you have birch in your area this stuff burnt very very easily this is great for starting fires and Chris went you got a big pile of it you want to stock up and put it some where you can keep drawing because that is what’s gonna keep your fire going okay now you want to block in the fire so it can radiate the heat you need.

What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna box in a cost here and then back across this way to help direct the fire this way towards the shelter right now Christopher is whittling off points on sticks and putting all the shavings into the fire that we’re going to start and there you have it a nice little firewall easy to make just a couple spikes on each side to hold the logs up and that will redirect the heat right back at your shelter well guys that I show you get a fire situated keep it going build a wall so it can reflect it and put the heat towards you instead of just blowing around in the wind hope you guys enjoyed this if you want to see more stay tuned because we have more metal detecting Survival posts on the way thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the show if you want to read more posts, share it click the links down I know you’ll want it and also if you died today and don’t know if you’d go to heaven there’s a link right down in the description go down to the very bottom you’ll want to click it and you can find it for sure until next time guys happy hunting and god bless.

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