How To Build An A-Frame Shelter For Metal Detecting Survival

How To Build An A-Frame Shelter

Hey guys, have you ever had that feeling while you’re out hunt in the woods you just might be lost well it’s happened to people before and it’s going to happen again but if you read this series of blogs you’re gonna be prepared on how to survive if you get lost well metal detecting.

Hey guys right now I’m gonna show you how to find the perfect location to set up camp and then I’m gonna teach you how to build a shelter so if you’re lost in the forest you need to find yourself a good location you want something that doesn’t have a lot of overhang because during a windy night a lot can fall on you just like this section over here do you think hey this trees already fallen down this is perfect Selene branches across to make a shelter but you know what one wind storm oh look at that that comes down on you you’re dead so you want to find a nice clearing like this that doesn’t have much above you a nice open space we have some sticks. If you are searching for the best metal detector for treasure hunting then you can visit here-

Here we have to move this is gonna be our location and this is the kind of stuff you want to look for a nice open space where there’s no running water because you do not want it to flood and get you covered in soaking wet. Do you want to make sure that there’s no animal tracks or droppings you don’t want this to be an area where they want to come and eat so this is gonna be our camp area. Here and now let’s get started building now once you’ve found the perfect location grab yourself a big stick preferably one that has a B and this will be the main rod for your a-frame what you want to do just put it at the base of another tree trunk and then wedge it in this box to store.

So we’re gonna find a different location just around here we’ll find two trees that this will fit in together so I’m using the same tree trunk I just found a tree on the head of a wedge. Right into now that would probably take my weight and will make a very good shelter you can shake it. None of the trees wiggle or fall down so that’s a good start for when you start building your shelter and you need to break a stick what you do is you find a tree with a nice V in it Christopher show them how it’s done well everyone there you go nice little shelter that will help somebody survive a night out in the wilderness now stay tuned for an upcoming post because we’re gonna tell you how to reinforce it if you have to survive more than one night. How to insulate it and how to get it till it’s warmer spot anyways if you enjoy reading these posts please stay tuned for more because coming up next we have how to start your fire.

Take care a one happy hunting and god bless hey everyone thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the show if you want to see more videos like it click the links down in the description I know you’ll want it and also if you died today and don’t know if you’d go to heaven there’s a link right down in the description go down to the very bottom you’ll want to click it and you can find it for sure until next time guys happy hunting and god bless.

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