Detecting A New Field – With Silver And Nice Relics

Detecting A New Field - With Silver And Nice Relics

 Hello hunters, It’s foggy today. First target. A bottle cap. What a start. Let’s scout this field together. Looks like a buckle. A nail and a bullet case. Looks like a coin. Silver! That was fast. “? Kreuzer” (17xx) Something is attached to it.GPS target # 1. A deep (big) target. The switch on my pinpointer was still not working that day.

I decided to skip this one for now. The farmer will drive over this spot any minute. It’s a lovely buckle. Probably from 1450-1600 (according to some PDF data). Correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s a freshly (re-)plowed field. Iron, let’s see what it is. Hmm, guard from a knife? The cavalry arrived. A very nice farmer. I could hunt all his fields until February. Hmm, whatever it is, it looks very old. A ball. I was about to record a macro, but the camera was not working. It’s a fantastic looking seal. It unfortunately got hit by the tractor. I found this only with the help of a Fisher f22 metal detector. I have to watch out for the tractor too, otherwise I will end up like this seal.

It is a small distraction, but that’s OK. A tiny ring. Another one. These fields have been hunted many times (in my oBut with lots of iron, there is always a chance that something has been overlooked. Especially small targets. It’s nothing. There you go, a very small silver coin. Second silver coin. “1 Kreuzer” (1855) I will show you all pictures at the end. I don’t know. The back of a watch? Hmm.

A bag seal. Detecting fields is really not “that bad”. I saw some YT videos, with people hunting fields row by row. This wouldn’t work for me (I prefer following a lead). It was a nail. “Freestyle detecting” with tactics from the woods :). “Trash”. Coke. Hmm. I think, it was tube? Otherwise I would show it. A broken button. It could be the end back of a knife. Another small buckle.

Date: probably 1250-1400 I love this one. Part from another buckle. 18th century? I really don’t know. Interesting. It’s gold plated. Hmm, pictures will follow. Probably a piece of lead. A pin. Ceramic. A piece of metal. Looks like the next buckle. I wish I could tell you the age. Hmm.

Just in case. A deep one. Shaped like a “blade”. From a field machine? I prefer small, shallow targets. I think it’s lead. Probably a seal. With a little bit fantasy, a coin. Another lead object (probably a seal). A old button. Interesting spot with lots of iron. Another very old looking button. I hope, it’s a button.

This for sure is one. A spoon handle. I don’t know. Trash. Third silver. “1 Kreuzer” (1861) The next lead seal. Hmm. 17 My pin pointer is not that sensitive anymore. Fourth silver coin – this one looks nice. “2 Kreuzer” – “1/2 Batzen” (1628)  Looks like a pin. The next buckle.

I don’t want to guess. I’m not sure about this target. Hmm. A hollow “ball”. I don’t think, that’s a ring. This looks more like one.  I’m really surprised about the amount of targets I could find. I try to cover some tiny (iron infested) spots more than once from different angles of metal detecting.

A coil sweep from another direction can bring different results. A buckle (made of iron). Ceramic – this wasn’t it ;).

I think, it was a harmonica read. It looks like a coin weight, but I’m not sure. Sorry, my macro camera refused to work. I will show you pictures at the end. This could be part from a bell. A huge pin, or a button. I believe I have changed the “reactivity” from 3 to 4 (on the Deus setting).

A strange object – looks like iron but it’s not. Ceramic again. A bag seal. At this stage of a hunt, I feel already “fulfilled”. It’s a coin. I have no idea. I forgot to take a picture of this one. Police sirens. Trash. The fog is getting thicker. I can’t tell you what it is. I’m using (tone) DISC of “6”. A larger coin at the end. I surrender. Just an echo. I didn’t know about the camera issue. No LED.

Probably a discharged battery. Oh well, it’s time to go anyway. You can wait for the pictures, if you like. Trash (two “good” targets slipped through). Maybe a coin, maybe not. Old buttons. Lead seals. More seals. A big one. ? A coin (I have no idea yet). Back end of a knife? A buckle.    Hmm.  Silver “Kreuzer” (1855).

Frankfurt (town). Silver “Kreuzer” (1861). Duchy of Nassau. “? Kreuzer” (17×2) (Bavaria?). “2 Kreuzer” – “1/2 Batzen” (1628). A coin weight? Hmm. A buckle (1450-1600). The last one (1250-1400).

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