Coin Spill Of A Different Kind

A metal detector frequency chart become important for you if you are hunting precious metals. I was on my way into the woods, but I couldn’t wait. I will start here and see how everything unfolds. It looks like an abandoned garden, or vineyard. Trash. Let me switch to my “Iron” program. First target. A “Coca Cola” screw cap. It was pointless to stop there. I could pack my stuff and walk to my destination point. Or try to go higher up this hill. I want to see what’s behind those trees. It’s an old bullet, made of lead. I changed the setting and decided to go higher. This is the home of the tick. Dry leaves are very slippery. Look at the soil, it has been disturbed by boars.

I will take a quick look. Foil. Once again I feel like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick. I still haven’t found a good spot. It means, I need to get higher. This is a shortcut, I could also walk on a trail. This looks good! It sounds like iron, but I have to see what I’m dealing with here. I don’t know, but it looks “old”. Sounds like iron too. It’s a pocket knife. I have a strong feeling, this area has already been detected. It’s a cannonball! That’s a surprise. GPS (“POI”) #1. And the “All-Metal” program at the end. Which gives the best and strongest signal. It’s a button. It looks “very old”. Something bigger under a huge rock? Definitely not iron. Maybe someone has hidden something. The barrel of a gun? No. The walking stick from a small wizard? I think, that’s just a modern rod made of several wires. Something close to the surface. A bronze ring on the surface? It too looks “very old”. I had to lay down the detector and sneeze. I have very strong allergy today.

Again, something interesting in the leaves. What could that be? The wind is “causing” the allergy, blowing pollen from the surface into my eyes. A piece of foil. Iron nail, this can’t be it. A piece of lead. Interesting. Something is up. I have to investigate this tiny spot further. Pottery. A chunk of (old?) iron. I think, the soil was brought here and unloaded from a truck. There is some sort of path next to it. More pottery. What shines like gold is just foil :). I don’t know – part of a buckle? I have to take off the glove in between to reach for a paper tissue. A tiny Roman coin, or is it just a piece of bronze (maybe lead)? I don’t know. Just in case. Silver! It’s a small turtle. Let me spray it with water.

It’s the broken bottle, it repaired itself. I don’t know where the head is. Probably “hidden”. Where is it? Hmm, it’s probably nothing. What is this? Looks like a small glass ball. Hmm, I will let it in the ground. I think it was made by animals. Maybe a transparent snail house. It’s a nail. Where did it go? It rolled down. A piece of foil. Is it a button? I think, this is just some sort of a shotgun cartridge. I’m “sliding down” to the entry point of this spot. I will investigate it, because I think that there could still be something. It looks older, but I don’t know what it once was. It’s a tiny lead bullet. Part of a pull tab. It’s a coin! Or is it a medallion? No, it’s a medallion made of a coin. Someone plated it with gold! It’s a “10 Reichspfennig” coin from 1901.

I have never found or seen something like that. There is still something right next to it. Another one! The thin layer of gold is better preserved on this one. It’s a “5 Reichspfennig” coin from the same era. I think, they were chained together. The chain was probably made of iron. Same spot, another signal. Next “5 Pfennig” coin. 1906. Is there more? Another medallion. Same coin as the previous one. I can’t see the date. Next signal. Basically on the surface. “5 Reichspfennig” again. Looks like there could be one more. Wow, this one is “deep”! The gold is shining in the sun. One moment ple 1893.

The allergy. It’s as strong as last year, when I found a gold pendant. Hmm. Strange. I guess, that’s it. Or could this be another medallion? A little bit off from the “center”. It’s another one. Probably the “key” part. This seemed to be the last one. It’s a beautiful place. A ring from a pigeon. Did a boar chew on it? It’s a button. Not the nicest looking one, but. I’m going down the hill. Maybe I can detect a short portion on my way out. Part of a horseshoe? Doesn’t sound good. Hmm. A small rivet or something. It’s a button. Hollow inside. I’m changing the coil angle. It’s iron. A “path”. I gave up after a short check, due to limited time. It could be iron, or/and something else. In this case, just iron. A lead bullet? Well, you never know. The remains of a vineyard. Maybe 1800’s.

I don’t know. A few meters below the wall. Let me clean it a little bit. “1 Kreuzer” coin. 1852. Made of copper. And dirty! Pictures of the finds. Ring from a pigeon. The button. Lead bullets. I have no idea. It has a pattern. The silver plated (?) piece of metal. “Something” made of lead. The supposed “Roman coin”, could be just lead. The hollow button. It has only one eye. The “old” button.How old could it be? Hmm. “1 Kreuzer” coin. 1852. The bronze (?) ring. The silver turtle. The head must be still “inside”. The coin/medallion spill begins with “10 Reichspfennig” (1901). “5 Reichspfennig” (1893). The chain is made of iron. Date is covered by remains of the chain. 1908. 1876? My assistants with the cannon ball. Trash. And treasure.

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