Amazing and Incredible Relics Found

People often search metal detector for treasure. We’re about 500meters up which you can see right there this castle a quick quick down and dirty history on this castle it was built in 1558 it was actually taken over by Hojoin 1563 so hopefully we can find something cool so stay tuned for that. On the way out we found some amazing things I want you to check it out but it’s after the end credits so I want you to watch it stay tuned. Man it’s starting to get hard to find a pull-tab nowadays. Okay there it is so now we can get started now we get started finally I don’t know if it’s coin but say we got that looks like we got ourselves a little party going on right here yeah I don’t think that was the only coin that was in this little stash.

Yeah these coins are not even on the deep at all looks like it 10 yen maybe no100yen nice. So again in the same hole and that’s why you always check your holes after you’re done. Alright so right here should be right here it is it’s another coin it’s another ten yen coin or I could beoh no this is a 100 yen coin huh interesting maybe there was a little shrine here before and it got washed over the side because if you take a lookdown the side that’s kind of a far drop. There’s still more coins inhere. Yeah right here another coin yeah it looks like a ten yen this is amazing today these aren’t old coins but then being coins it’s surprising to be like right here. So that’s why I’m thinking there was a shrine here before. All right so we’re still here in the same area well here it is right here that’s weird we could well that’s a 10 yen but we’re talking about the 100 yens I think you’re right Jeff people usually don’t leave 100 yens that our shrine usually 10 yens, 5 yens, 1 yens hmm interesting maybe somebody dropped their bag.

I think we’re almost good for the day we found all the coins we needed right. So right in this little spot right here there’s a lot of stuff going on its ringing up pretty good pretty high going to dig that one for sure not too deep so I thought it’s all over in here yeah that’s why it’s all over in there it did ring up really good so let’s see what flavour we got today well let’s see what we got we got bananaau lait a banana au lait. Yummy All right so I got something right here and it’s kind of big and I haven’t been able to find the edges of it yet but it’s definitely not that’s right here yeah it’s right here Doesn’t sound hollow yep so you can see how it’s shaped you see I got under it a little bit and they didn’t even budge it’s like a budging looks like it Whatever it is heavy they did do a lot of rock quarrying up here so this could be part of their equipment quarry which would be really awesome if it was because they did the quarrying during the edo era which is between 1600s in the 1850s but it looks to I don’t know I think it’s too new for that so pretty cool that we found something like that though.

Probably a pull-tab but we’re going to dig it just because just cuz we got lucky one time on the trail I found a good piece of samurai history so who knows this is definitely not samurai history it looks like a 70s beer history is what that was oh it’s a little charm with a samurai seal on it Jeff so this seal I believe is TokugawaIeyasu seal I believe I could be wrong but I’ll post that later if I am wrong sweet freaking sweet the pretty good sweet bring up in the silver range so maybe it’s over oh he’s a coin let’s say a ten yen it’s awful deep to be a ten yen but we’ll take him take him there’s a pretty good day from modern money all right so we had a an outstanding day out here even though we didn’t find anything extremely old we still found a lot of coins modern coins so that that was great we found a little emblem and of course you know we found our infamous pull-tabs and some wires and good stuff like that.

So I’m going to take the stuff home you get it cleaned out thanks for subscribing thanks for watching thanks for liking things for sharing and see you later all right so here ringing a good high tones 70s so I got to dig this one it’s not that deep either so hopefully it’s a coin not trash it is a coin yeah it’s Kanei Tsuho 4 monal ways on the way home you find something good so for all you guys that are just starting to metal detect always check on the way out this is frickin awesome nice nice yep again where I like to dig next to trees awesome so so we hit another high tone here which is about in the same range asthe last coin so who knows maybe find another coin right here it’s not too deep either so I might have to check there too so I said about four inches deep a little bit hard here so a little hard time getting in this is centuriesof people walking this path hopefully he’s playing hard to get he’s something good

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