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Yeah I Bought a New Machine

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Do you need a mind detector. No, you need the right mind to detect metals. Testing my machines out. I’m excited to do it Stay tuned because after the test because I I got some great news for you some updates and some Some things I wanted I’ve been wanting to do with my content for some time But yeah,…

Metel Detected

ORX Metal Detect Features

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You may walk thru metal detectors. Let’s talk about features. To use the WSA’s with the ORX they need to be paired and this is a real simple process Just go into the options down to headphones Select pairing and press the plus and minus buttons together and you’ll see the on-screen instructions it takes about a minute and it’s…

Finding in Depth

ORX Metal Detector Review

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Why are you interested in x ray metal detector. Introducing the ORX from XP. How does it stack up in today’s competitive marketplace? So, why the ORX – Well it’s a mid-range machine Aimed at people who are on a limited budget while still maintained in the Deus DNA Simplicity is the name of the game here You’ve got 4…

Walk Metal Detector

Metal Detecting For Gold

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Do you walk walk metal detector. It’s my second time out in2019 and the first time with all the Sellers brothers. I’ve not being held up in quite sick, real flu. Sounds very loud. Let’s get the probe, we’re not far from the gate there so it could be any old rubbish yeah bit of scrap now then this one’s…

Best Metals Findings

Rare Medieval 1000 years Old Silver Coin Found

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Are you using in line metal detector. Apologies for the wind I wasn’t going to film today And just nice to look for something And then you will always see that you find something special And a nice thick musket ball And a Hollandia trip And a cartridge case Think World War II And the next find. A nice heavy…

Finding Stones

Coin Spill Of A Different Kind

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A metal detector frequency chart become important for you if you are hunting precious metals. I was on my way into the woods, but I couldn’t wait. I will start here and see how everything unfolds. It looks like an abandoned garden, or vineyard. Trash. Let me switch to my “Iron” program. First target. A “Coca Cola” screw cap. It…

Found Great Metals

Metal Detecting Huge Ring

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Is security metal detector crucial to you. He’s on some great things quarter hoarder Make sure you check this one out We’ve always got something Leroy put on a monster food. Oh look at the size of that thing Of its fishing them out. They’re just nice job there Roy 19:42 nice flat button there Up in the front of…

Finding in Right Direction

Metal Detecting North America

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Do you have a detector machine. Let’s try to find something. looks really old And came out of that hole right there Wasn’t very deep at all And It is Yes, I’m like really old as a circle in the middle both sides has a really old script looking’s on the bottom here I Know there’s a line there and…

Amazing Relics Found

Amazing and Incredible Relics Found

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People often search metal detector for treasure. We’re about 500meters up which you can see right there this castle a quick quick down and dirty history on this castle it was built in 1558 it was actually taken over by Hojoin 1563 so hopefully we can find something cool so stay tuned for that. On the way out we found…

Finding Useful Metals

Metal Detecting From The Present To 1800’s

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Do you use industrial metal detectors. I’m in a valley (of some sort). Let’s begin. Iron. This is something tiny. No, the pin pointer would not even pick it up. There is a hole above. Someone probably dug out trash and threw it next to the hole. Indeed – it’s foil. I will go up and see what’s there. It’s…